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Spiritual Life


Spiritual Leadership

All Bethel Christian School leadership, faculty, and other staff members are committed Christ followers who attend a local church and are committed to continuously growing in their relationship with God. Their aim is to nurture and support spiritual growth within themselves and our students.

Swearing on a Bible

Bible-Based Learning

Students are taught all school subjects through the lens of a Biblical worldview. The intention is to build a strong foundation for the students as they enter the world after graduation. 

Gospel Music

Weekly Chapel

All students and faculty attend weekly chapel services. These services will be led by a variety of local pastors. The purpose of these chapel services is to provide an opportunity to worship God together and learn from His Word. 

Teen Prayer Group

Daily Prayer Groups

There is a 15–20-minute prayer time at the beginning of each day, where students will be placed in prayer groups to pray, share things they are thankful for, ask for prayer requests, and discuss their goals for the day and week ahead.


Christlike Character Development

Students will be encouraged to engage in continuous self-reflection and self-assessment to identify areas for spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional growth. The Bethel staff is committed to preparing students to be faithful, financially responsible, successful adults who will achieve their God-given purpose.

Group Hug

Biblical Family

The students are surrounded by like-minded Christian students and staff members, which creates a Biblical family atmosphere. Bethel is committed to treating all of their staff members, students, and parents like family. The school's policies are geared towards ensuring Christian living standards are upheld by all staff members and students.

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