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Bethel Christian School Learning Outcomes

Increased Knowledge of the Bible

• Increased understanding of the Bible through Bible study classes

• Increased ability to read and interpret the Bible

Effective Communication

• Articulate ideas, arguments, and information clearly and coherently in both written and oral forms

• Adapt communication styles to engage diverse audiences effectively

• Demonstrate active listening and constructive feedback skills to facilitate collaborative dialogue

Quantitative Reasoning

• Apply quantitative concepts and methods to interpret, analyze, and solve problems

• Evaluate the validity and reliability of quantitative arguments and evidence from a Biblical viewpoint

Information Literacy

• Identify, locate, and evaluate relevant informational sources for academic, professional, and personal purposes

• Use information ethically and responsibly in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, and academic standards

• Employ digital tools and technologies to enhance learning, research, and communication

Academic and Professional Competence and Skills

• Learn one's God-given skills that may lead a student to their future career

• Employ ethical decision making and adhere to school standards

• Collaborate effectively in teams and contribute to achieving shared goals

Lifelong Learning and Personal Development

• Engage in continuous self-reflection and self-assessment to identify areas for spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional growth

• Develop strategies for acquiring new knowledge, skills, and experiences in response to evolving personal, professional, and societal needs

• Cultivate resilience, adaptability, and self-confidence to navigate the challenges and opportunities adult life presents

Finding God-given talents
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